Sunday, June 10, 2012

Operation "Yarnology Relocation"

         The past few weeks have been… interesting. They’ve been stressful. They’ve been exciting, exhausting, hectic, nerve-racking. And fun. What is the reason for all of this? Well, I’ll tell you: Yarnology is moving locations. A few months ago, our wonderful Gaby (part owner of the store) and her husband bought a building in downtown Winona, just a block and a half from where we had already set up shop. Since that time there has been some major work done inside and out and it is finally, FINALLY coming to a close tomorrow!! All of the hard work has paid off; all of the support from customers, friends, and family will be evident in this amazing place that has been put together in hardly any time at all.

            June 8th, just this past Saturday Yarnology was pretty much the same as it always has been. Any customer that walked in would have seen Gaby, Kelly, and myself calmly knitting and crocheting in our “living room”. They would have heard Mumford and Sons Pandora radio playing quietly in the background, and seen the confident and calming colors of skeins of yarn resting in bins around the room. What they would not have realized was that the three quiet crafters were secretly bursting with anticipation for the clock to strike 5:00 p.m. Saturday was our last day open for business in our old location; the minute that OPEN sign came unplugged it was go time. Yarn came off the shelves at a record pace and was loaded into clear garbage bags to be transported down the street. Mannequins were disrobed and stored away to be moved last when everything else is in its place. Books were packed to capacity, snug in boxes waiting to be taken to their new home. Overall it was quick work. Besides the three of us there were several other Yarnologists and friends who had volunteered to do some grunt work. In two hours we cleared all the shelves, cubes, hooks, and whatever other means of displaying yarn we had contrived. Things were certainly packed up, but the space was still filled with things waiting to take the journey down the block. It seems that you never truly realize how much stuff you have in one space until you try to move it all. Sheesh. When we finished all the work we were able to do that day, it was a bit overwhelming, looking around and seeing how much more we had to accomplish. But luckily we had fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream to comfort us (thanks Donna W.!!) while it sank in that this was just the beginning……

            Today marked the second day of operation “Yarnology Relocation”. The action started before I arrived (you might not believe this, but I’m not too handy with the power tools or the very large, heavy furniture. I know, shocking. Ha) and when I walked into the new space most of the shelving units were already in place just waiting for fluffy, colorful things to fill them up. Though the weather was hot and the air conditioner decided to stop working a couple of days ago, the volunteers that were busy putting things in their places didn’t seem to notice much. It was so exciting to watch as it all came together. Little by little we unloaded pick-up truck beds and vans filled with boxes and furniture. Back and forth, back and forth we went from one block of 3rd street to the other. Now that I’m looking back on the day, I can’t help but think about all the wonderful people who gave up their time and energy to pitch in with this move, and it just makes me grin. These of course include some of our loyal customers who came by to help us move the 100-some bags that we had filled with yarn! I’m sure it was a sight to see, a dozen or so people lined up from the van/SUVs we loaded up to front door of the new store, handing down bag after bag of yarn until it came to rest in a pile of its companions. Many hands make a quick end, a lesson my mom has always taught, and today I was able to see that in action. It truly is amazing how much we were able to do in one day. And it’s all because we came together and worked hard for the love of this store and its people. I truly felt blessed and proud and humbled to be a part of it and to be able to call a good many of those wonderful people my friends. I’m sure you’ll get tired of hearing me say this, but this job means so much more to me than the paycheck I receive every other week. Don’t get me wrong, that’s nice too. But I know I still would have been one of those pairs of hands, passing yarn down the line even if it wasn’t my job. Being a part of something special makes you special, right? (Wait, did I just quote Glee? haha Oh well!) And that feeling is pretty great.

           We officially open the doors of our new store location on Tuesday, the 12th. We have A LOT to do, however, before that happens. I confess, thinking about that list of to-dos makes me a little anxious, but like I’ve been taught to believe, many hands make a quick end. And it helps when laughter, smiles, and coffee are shared throughout the day. Wish us luck in the last stage of moving. And come visit us once we’re settled in! All of us at Yarnology are looking forward to it!

                             Gaby and Jeannine next to the MOUNTAIN of yarn we packed up.

Bags of yarn!

The store's empty... almost.

Our yarn train in action. :)

So many bags of yarn!!

And here I am after all the hard work, posing with our Noro wall.